Beginning Bloggers: Go Big or Go Home

Beginning Bloggers: Go Big or Go Home

3716914034_50f39847e1When you start out blogging, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. After all, you’re just starting out and you gotta get a feel for how things happen around here. Isn’t that right?

Not if you want to succeed, it’s not.

Once you enter the club, there’s no time to dilly dally. The second you get there, you have to step onto the dance floor, pronto. Then you got to pull some serious dance moves. You hear what I’m saying?

In the early days of your blogging career, your readers are going to be your mom and maybe your stalker if you’re lucky. And this creates a real problem: You’re going to write post after post, many of them are going to be excellent and no one’s going to see them. What a waste!

And what’s worse, this can go on for months.

Let’s face it. You need an audience. You need to do what I’m doing right now. I’m getting in the middle of the dance floor and pulling some serious moves while enthusiastic crowds surround me clapping and hollering, “Go Bamboo, it’s your birthday! … you da’ man!” At least that’s how it plays out in the movie in my mind.

But I wasn’t always this bold. I used to sit on the sidelines sipping margaritas (which wasn’t so bad) while all the other guys were getting their dance on with all the pretty honeys.

I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve come to realize that it’s downright foolish to create quality content with only a small audience to appreciate it. When you’re first starting out, that’s when you’ve got to get your hustle on, and not a second later.

Glen Allsopp of Viperchill writes,

“Focus on getting over the 500 / 1,000 subscriber hurdle (depends on the niche) as quickly as possible. Based on what happens, you could find this to be the hardest part of your blogging life. Especially if you’re a “nobody”. However, if you can just keep going and get over this hurdle, your blog is going to start growing exponentially from there.”

Here’s the deal: before you hit a certain number of subscribers, it’s really hard to get your material promoted. So you have to dig deep and do whatever it is you have to do to attain that core audience that will promote your material naturally. And the most vital time to do this is when you have next to no subscribers.

Though there’s various ways to get your hustle on and to get those subscribers, there’s no one way that’s more in your control than writing guest posts. And this is why, of late, I’ve been getting circles around me while pulling spectacular moves all across the blogosphere and I gotta be honest: I make this look good.

I may not know where all this guest posting is going to take me. I do know, however, that it ensures I won’t be on the sidelines watching all the other cats get their moves on. I’ll be one of them. I’ll be busting mad, wicked moves. And everyone, including you, will see it all go down.

So take it from me… go get yo’ ass on the dance floor and start strutting your stuff. Aight?

Bamboo Forest creates the funk over at Pun Intended, where he blogs on humor and inspiration. He also created an online timer that helps you KILL procrastination. Word?


  1. Truer words my friend! It’s an apt analogy for life in general. Get into the game, play your hardest, and the rest will work itself out. Word?


  2. Bamboo just blasted the beats. We have two options.

    1) We can spin on our heads like orangutans on Ritalin.

    2) We can sit on the sidelines and watch the punch bowl lose its juice.

    What’s it gonna be, fellers?


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