Self Published Author Joe Konrath Sold 18,000 eBooks On Kindle … In January Alone!

Self Published Author Joe Konrath Sold 18,000 eBooks On Kindle … In January Alone!

Remember when struggling authors had to practically sell their soul to the Devil to get even crappy book deals?

And then once they got their book published, they had to go on the road, do book signings, and spend countless hours promoting a book that might sell a few copies here and there.

Those days are over.

As Self Published Author Joe Konrath wrote on his blog, A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing, selling eBooks has turned publishing on its head.

No longer is he slave to a publisher.

Going solo, he has sold 18,000 ebooks … in January alone, while, as he said, sitting on his ass!

Of course, Konrath doesn’t really sit on his ass. He’s busy doing what writers should be doing – writing!

My point should be obvious. Even if you promote your ebooks online, using websites, social networks, and blogs, it takes much less than promoting print books. I used to spend about 80% of my professional time self-promoting.

I’ve since stopped self-promoting.

Read his whole post here – VERY inspiring stuff!

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  1. I wrote the book, Passion To Live, and it is now available in paperback on most websites. However, with the news of your success. I am now have the book made into an e-book also. The readers of my book Passion To Live have been possite in their emails to me and some suggested the it would make a good movie. For now I am waiting for the e-book to come out and wondering how to best promote the book?

    Ronald D. Lee

    I have a second book I will publish if I find success with Passion To Live.


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