Self Publishers: Are You Making This Mistake?

Amazon has recently updated the Kindle to show accurate page numbers to match the print versions of books, which is vital for referencing pages.

But how do you know which e-book version matches which print version? If a new edition is released, it could be out of sync with the e-book.

And that’ just one of the copyright page errors that Self Publishing Review highlighted in a recent post.

So I started my study. I picked 30 ebooks and analyzed their copyright pages. Somebody must have missed the memo about what information is required and what format it should be presented in because we had a variety of formats and information, to say the least. Although 30 ebooks is not a very big sample, only one of them came close to what is needed to ID the source.

Amazon has seen the need to add the source information in their on-line product description to help. They have added a line: Page Number Source ISBN. But my ebooks didn’t have a clue to the original source.

Read the whole post here.

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