Self Publishing And ISBNs: All You Need To Know

Catherine Caffeinated has a must-read post for anyone who is confused over ISBNs.

One area of this whole self-publishing, Print On Demand, e-book thing that seems to still be mired in confusion is the whole question of ISBNs. I myself am still confused about it, so let’s see if we can work it out all, shall we? I’ve mined the magical interweb for the answers to my ISBN questions, but they aren’t always presented in the most straight-forward way.

Some of the questions she answers:

  • Do you need an ISBN for a Kindle or Smashwords e-book?
  • Do you need one for a self-published hard copy at Createspace?
  • Should you use a free ISBN or your own?
  • What’s the advantage (and cost) to using your own?

And lot’s more.

Check out her post, which will clear up any ISBN-related questions you have.

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