Yesterday’s Gone Launch Party Hangout This Monday

Hey, Goners,

On Monday we’ll be doing a Google Hangout to celebrate the launch of Yesterday’s Gone: Season Four.

We’ll be doing that on┬áMonday July 8, 2013 at 7 PM EST

The chat will be informal, just a chance to talk with you all about anything and everything for an hour and a half or so.
If you’ve not already signed up, you will need a Google+ account. Once you have that, add Dave to your Circles (from the link below). Then email us and let us know you want to be invited.

Note: You WILL need earphones, a webcam, and microphone if you want to participate in the live chat. And the chat will be livestreamed via YouTube.

The earphones are to keep your audio from creating an annoying feedback loop. If you come without earphones, we may need to turn your mic off in the chat.

If you want to just chat in a message window, you can do that via YouTube without any of that stuff, and we’ll be watching that, too.

We’ll update this page on Monday, and our Facebook page when the event goes live so you can join us.

You can join in by either adding us to your Google Circles and emailing me in advance requesting an invite to join our live video chat, or (I think) you can show up and just chat.


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  1. As fun as this sounds. I haven’t read season 3 yet. I am expecting spoilers for that and s4? I hope it goes well. I will be buying at launch. Keep up the good work guys.



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