Yesterday’s Gone Podcast: Episode 17 The Finale

Hey Goners,

Sorry that I didn’t get this posted before. I thought I’d scheduled this, but God knows what happened.

Anyway, here’s the finale of the Yesterday’s Gone podcast. This wraps up Season One and will be the last Yesterday’s Gone book we’ll be reading.

Right click and save: Episode 17 The Finale

Please download it before Jan. 5 as we’re removing the podcast from our site and iTunes thanks to a deal we signed to bring actual PROFESSIONAL quality audio books to you.

More on that in this post.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded and enjoyed our reading of Yesterday’s Gone, and put up with our tech issues, wrote reviews on iTunes, and helped spread the word. While we can’t possibly continue to read these ourselves, we’ve now got a partner in Podium Publishing who will do these series the way they should be done, and deliver you the top notch quality audio version you deserve!

Thank you,

David Wright

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