Crash Covers and Date

Crash Covers and Date

Thanks to everybody who weighed in on the Crash covers in our last post.

I’ve come back with variations of the white cover, including a few with darker textures.

Also, we’ve got a launch date for Crash.

Look for it on June 30!

Here’s the synopsis again:


It has been nearly a year since writer Thomas Witt lost his daughter in a horrible car accident which nearly killed him. He and his wife are attempting to have another child and put their lives back together.

However, he can’t move on.

In addition to his daughter, there’s something missing — specifically his memories for 6 months prior to the accident.

He finds himself obsessively drawn to accident scenes where he photographs the carnage in attempts to reclaim his memories.

But what he finds in the photographs may just destroy him.









Which one do you like most?

Weigh in below!

Thank you for reading,

Dave & Sean


  • Horus W. Odenthal

    Last one. For contrast and clarity

  • Hedonist Six

    yep i agree, last one.

  • John Barone

    The dark cover does it for me

  • JoniJ

    Dark for me too.

  • Cover 4 for me too. The contrast is good, and the text is clear 🙂

  • Mgon ♥

    By comparison, COVER 3 MEDIUM looks slightly washed out.

  • Tracy

    Cover 4 is the one.

  • Ted Inver

    Cover 3 Medium

  • ruby2shoes

    My personal opinion is #4. When viewing the cover art my eyes are instantly drawn to the dark. It brings out the images yet gives the undertone of mystery; which from the synopsis makes it the perfect mix.

  • Pam Laricchia

    Cover 4–nicely mysterious ambiance and easier to read.

  • Jeff Bristow

    Cover 3 Medium

  • Cover 4

  • Michelle Bentfield

    I really like the dark one, I couldn’t make out what the picture was till I saw the last one. It makes it pop.

  • I like the last one.

  • DontArgueWithMe

    I like any of them except #1 for purely marketing reasons. There’s no way anyone can read the title or author when that is reduced to a thumbnail. Covers sell books, and if you can’t read it, it’s not going to sell.

  • J Scott Sharp

    Definitely cover 4

  • Anne Pearse Goehring

    #4, it would jump out at me in the store.

  • Haley Kunkel

    I think you have a winner! It’s #4.

  • The last one.

  • Mark Oetjens


  • I thought #3 was the bees knees, and the #4 took my breath away. So dark, so gritty, so menacing, so C.I.-ish!

  • Mallika

    My favorite is Cover 4 — the text will be easier to read, and I like the darker backgrounds in general. Plus all that white means that the book “disappears” when displayed on retailer sites.

    Also, I think one thing that would really help is if you made the book cover images smaller so we can see them side by side and in a way we normally would if shopping for books online. They don’t have to be as small as Amazon thumbnails, but I feel like a large cover image and a small cover image are both beneficial to look at. Some covers look great when large but look like a blob of nothing at smaller sizes.

  • Tammy Gross

    #3. It is so ominous looking. Can’t wait to read.

  • cbj1958

    I would go for #2. Some color is needed to attract buyer attention – outside us “goners” if you decide to put this in print.

  • Fox

    Of those four, #4 looks the most enticing.

  • Jackson

    3 or 4. I’m a photographer and sometimes can’t decide, myself, whether one photo is better than the other when there’s not a huge difference… 3 is eery, 4 is ominous

  • Xavier Granville

    #3 or 4, in my opinion. I find #3 the hardest to get behind. The red seems a little jarring.

  • Polly Gallo


  • Tiffany Dow

    #3 or #4! They look fantastically creepy!

  • Dmitrij Motley

    Cover #4 is my favorite. There is more contrast and danger in it.

  • Anna L

    3 and 4. They suggest the genre better than the first 2.

  • Last one…the first one just doesn’t have any contrast, it’d be hard to find the title on a quick glance at a thumbnail…plus, the mood seems much better for #4

  • Stacey Wilson

    Ooooooooo…. Cover four-dark. Creepy!

  • LJPehler

    Really like number 3! Number 4 comes in second.

  • The Phoenix

    I vote for 3, and may I say, after reading the first chapter… OMG!!! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into another great work of mind bending art!!

  • Laura Martone

    As with a lot of other folks here, I like the 4th one the best, though the 3rd is a close second. Creepiness + contrast = awesome!

  • Patrick Stemp

    4 then 3 for sure. Seems to be the consensus and I agree.

  • 4 then 3 because of the contrast. Although if I were browsing bookshelves instead of webpages, I would take #1.

  • Thanks, everyone! Looks like 4 is a clear winner. Which I was kinda hoping for 🙂