Yesterday’s Gone: Season Five Announcement Date and Promo Poster

Yesterday’s Gone: Season Five Announcement Date and Promo Poster

We’ve got a date!

Yesterday’s Gone: Season Five will be released on October 15, 2014!

While we’d been planning a spring or summer release, we’ve decided not to rush it and want to spend our time making the book as absolutely amazing as we can.

So the new release date is October 15.

Familiar date?

Yep — the day everyone vanished way back in Season One.

And let me just tell you, if you love this story HALF as much as we do, well, you’re in for one kick ass thrill ride leading to the final season (Six)!

Here’s the promo poster.

Stay tuned as we’ll be blogging some behind the scenes stuff, and more book news including sneak peeks!

Yesterday's Gone: Season Five



  2. Can’t wait.

  3. October is such a great month for reading sci-fi, when the air is beginning to “crisp up” and impending Halloween creepiness can be palpated. The timing for this release couldn’t be better!!! Because of that, I’ll happily wait, but with saliva dripping from my “eye” teeth.

  4. Any plans for Audiobook releases on the series 3 and 4?

  5. So was Mary pregnant with the infected Desmond’s baby?


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