Yesterday’s Gone: Season Five

Yesterday’s Gone: Season Five

Yesterday's Gone: Season Five

Time is running out.

There are 11 alien vials left, and whoever has them holds the fate of humanity in their hands. Will the world succumb to The Darkness or be saved by The Light?

Black Island Guardsmen are racing to save the world, but to do so they must put Paola in a danger unlike anything she’s ever faced.

What lengths will The Guardsmen go through to get the vials? 
Can Mary protect her daughter from an insidious alien that has already destroyed so much?
Will Luca be mankind’s savior or its final judge?
Can Boricio overcome his past, or will he succumb to his one weakness — an infected Rose?

Find out in this penultimate game changing season leading to the insane final sixth season of CI’s bestselling post-apocalyptic thriller.


All six episodes will be available on October 13th at Amazon. And the full season will be available in six weeks at Amazon, and in 90 days everywhere else.

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  1. Wow! I just finished Yesterdays Gone Season 5 and was thoroughly pleased with the over
    all effort. {EDITED TO REMOVE SPOILERS} Even though Boracio is the epitome of the antihero
    you can’t help rooting for the guy. The story has yet to miss a beat, it
    has been as much fun as Stephen Kings Black Tower series. It keeps you
    turning the page and I am eagerly waiting for season 6. Keep up the good


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