Available Darkness Revised Covers

Available Darkness Revised Covers

Available Darkness was the first book that Sean and I ever wrote together. In fact, we wouldn’t even be writing today if not for that book, which we started waaaaaay back in 2008, and we finished in 2011. We took a bit longer to write a book back then!

As Sean and I are finishing up the third and final book in the series (coming in June!), we decided to go back and read the first two books in the series.

Available Darkness: Book Two is one of my favorite books we’ve written, with some of my favorite scenes involving one of my favorite characters, Abigail. And despite being a few years old now, it still stands up well, I think.

But the first book was a bit harder to read.

It was a bit clunky compared to our current stuff.

And that kinda sucks. And it’s kinda the reason we don’t talk about it more.

“Hey, we’ve got this AWESOME series that you HAVE to read. But, um, you’ve gotta get past some clunky writing in the first book.”

That doesn’t exactly sell the series!

So we decided to revise it, going through the whole first book and fixing what needed fixing. It was mostly story flow and some typos. We didn’t change the actual story itself. So if you read the book, you definitely don’t need to re-read it!

We just wanted to make it a better reading experience. To that end, we also had our editor Jason work his magic on it.

And if you’re going to remodel the house, you can’t forget the exterior.

We also commissioned new covers to replace the original ones that I had made myself.

While I still like MY covers a lot, I think these new ones are more commercially appealing, and actually show our characters! Additionally, I think they speak more to the genre the book is.

We’ll be republishing the first two books in the Available Darkness series next week (I’ll write a new blog post when the new books are live) and we’ll also be having a half-off sale, so it’ll be a great time to pick them up and to be ready for an awesome finale next month.





Available Darkness: Book One


See you next week with info on the updates!


  1. Love this series but it’s been a while so I think I’ll reread it from the beginning when you finish reworking it.
    New covers are great. It will be fun to read the whole series from beginning to end. Keep doing what you do!
    Love you guys so much?

    • I’ve never read the series, so this might be a good time to go for it. And I agree with you, Anita – these guys are great!


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