The Darkness Has Awoken.

FBI Special Agent Caleb Baldwin is on the hunt for a serial killer who has left a trail of burned bodies. One of those victims – his wife. As he gets closer to finding the killer, he falls deeper into an elaborate conspiracy.

A man wakes buried alive with no memory of who or what he is. In his pocket, a note: “Avoid the sunlight and don’t touch anybody.” Now he is being hunted by the FBI while trying to remember his monstrous past. He must control the darkness within before it consumes him and the child whose life he must protect.

11-year-old Abigail was dying slowly each day as the prisoner of a sick man. Until she is saved by the most unlikely of heroes – a vampire with a deadly touch. He is her only hope, and she may hold the key to unlocking the memories of his hidden past.

Past, present, fate, and future are on a collision course as the hours of AVAILABLE DARKNESS are ticking away and a force greater than anything the world has ever seen threatens humanity.

Available Darkness is an epic journey that reinvents vampire mythology with a fast paced, character-driven thriller that blends action, mystery, fantasy, and horror in an addictive, tragically romantic story.

Season Three, the stunning finale, will be released in 2014

What Readers are saying about Available Darkness:

“Not another retread vampire story…something different and better!”

“A refreshing change to the current vampire trends … I would have to say the thing I enjoyed most about Available Darkness was the characters. The way the authors were able to strike a balance between the ruthlessness of the vampires old, but at the same time giving them depth and making it so you care about them is astounding.”

“No sparkly vampires need apply!”

“New take on an old Genre, these guys did it again!”


“By the time I read thru half of this episode I ended up hooked…yet again…on another Wright/Platt serial ”

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