The question we get asked all the time is:


We love that you can’t wait to read the next book in a series.

We also know that waiting is a lot easier when you know what’s going on behind the scenes, so you can have an idea when a book will come out. Wouldn’t it be awesome if George R.R. Martin did that?

I created this page so you can check the status of your favorite series or book, and where it is in our production line.

We write our hearts out 60-70 hours a week on making the best stories we’re capable of and getting them to you as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. In 2012, we became Kings of the Serial by releasing a new episode (or short story) every week of the year, but that schedule was impossible to continue if we wanted to keep delivering the best we could write.

Unfortunately, a few of our series titles have been on the back burner for longer than planned.

Like television studios, there’s never a guarantee with a certain title’s success. For every Yesterday’s Gone that does very well, you have a ForNevermore, which didn’t do nearly what we hoped it would.

The worse a book does, the harder it is to justify writing the next season. If you consider that each book is a 2-3 month minimum investment of our time and resources, you’ll see why we have to be strategic in our release schedules.

Which means that we have to balance stories we think will do well with stories that have a smaller following, but might not sell as well.

Just like Hollywood actors star in big blockbuster movies to finance smaller passion projects, we do the same with our books. Books that do well allow us to write the cult favorites.

However, we will never start a series and leave you hanging forever. We will finish any serial we start. That’s our vow to you, the reader, for taking a chance on our serials.

Here’s the status of all of our titles.

Two things to note. These statuses are subject to change.

If there’s a book on here you really want to see us get to, there’s no better way than to help spread the word with other readers so the book does better and increases our ability to write more in the series.

Z 2136: will be released in the US on April 15 as a six part Kindle Serial. It should be available at Amazon in other parts of the world six weeks after that.

Crash: One more edit by me (Dave) before it goes to our editor, and then to you. Likely to be released at the end of April or early May.

Threshold: Dave currently going through it, and one more pass by Sean, and possibly back to our editor for a late May or June release.

Yesterday’s Gone: currently planning and writing Season Five.

WhiteSpace: will be planning and writing Season Three in the coming months.

ForNevermore: sort of in limbo. We would love to write something this year, but it will depend on sales of our other titles.

Available Darkness: we’re planning the third book to wrap up the trilogy early next year

Monstrous: We didn’t come to terms with 47North for a second season, so we’re planning to finish Monstrous later this year and releasing it on our own.

Dark Crossings short stories: we write these as time permits between other stories. Once we have six finished, we’ll collect them and put them into a new volume.