Yesterdays Gone Reviews

Being indie publishers, we haven’t had our books in the hands of many critics. However, we’ve gotten some great feedback from readers! Feedback that delights and humbles us, and drives us to write even more!

Here’s what readers are saying about the Yesterday’s Gone series.

5/5 STARS: A New High-Standard for Serialized Fiction That is Not to be Missed

“Imagine a kid growing up addicted to serialized Marvel comics and The Hardy Boys empire. Later, he became mesmerized by the magical worlds and epic characters of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. And he has always been obsessed with the legendary tales of King Arthur and Robin Hood. That kid was me.

A proud “Big Kid” now, George RR Martin’s The Song of Fire and Ice saga (better known for the first installment, A Game of Thrones) is my recent infatuation. My love of complex, emotional fiction is rather developed. And today, as an editor, I appreciate these works (and their kind) even more than when I did in my youth.

All this to say that I was immensely pleased by the first season of Yesterday’s Gone.

The Kindle universe is exploding thanks to the self-publishing revolution. I support this transformation 1,000%. But as an ardent reader who takes storytelling seriously, I must say that the explosion of self-published books (especially fiction) has allowed less-than-fantastic works to reach our attention.

Yesterday’s Gone is no such book (or series for that matter).

I was delighted by the deeply complex and troubled characters, most notably Boricio, a dark serial killer. None of the characters are “plastic” and overly-contrived. In fact, many posses qualities and emotions that are self-identifiable (a pleasant attraction). And your emotional heart-strings are constantly strummed. Also, while I love Star Wars, The “Eragon” series (Inheritance Saga) and other out-of-this-world settings, the world-building in Yesterday’s Gone is irresistibly inviting as it is a fully plausible, not too distant future albeit in post-apocalyptic fashion.

The bottom-line is that Yesterday’s Gone sets a new high-standard for serialized fiction. In this age of narrative where episodic cliffhangers are king, Yesterday’s Gone will not leave you wanting. It’s a quality, easy read that you’d do well not to miss, especially if you’re a Big Kid like me 🙂

Enjoy!” – Matt Gartland (Amazon)

5/5 STARS: Completely Un-put-down-able!

“I just read “Yesterday’s Gone” (the whole of season one) and wow, what a great read! Can’t wait to start season 2! If you like shows such as “Lost” and “The Walking Dead” this series is a must-read.

I initially downloaded the first episode as it was free and I don’t have money to burn on books and the reviews were good. However, 20mins later I happily paid for the full season as I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!

Awesome, memorable characters, each with their own voices and reasons for you to root for them (even the bad guys!) along with the fast-paced, adrenaline-filled storyline that is so well-told that it becomes believable, makes for such an exciting “book”.

Being an avid King and Koontz reader from an early age, I get disappointed easily when I branch out to read unknown (to me) authors. Many fail to live up to the high standard I crave in stories, leaving me only partially-immersed in (or worse, indifferent to) the world of the writer. Fiction is my addiction, and dark, well-written fiction is top of my list of desires. “Yesterday’s Gone” satisfied my craving superbly! Except now I’m left greedily wanting more, and know I have to wait until January to quench my thirst… *sigh* 🙂 ” – Emily (Amazon)

5/5 STARS: Hooked me from the very beginning, 5 stars!

“This was a book that hooked me from the very beginning. I’ve always loved reading post-apocalyptic themed books, but when you add an author who does a brilliant job of capturing the readers attention and leading their imagination from one entertaining chapter to the next, you have a definite winner. I’ve read many great books over the years, but this one has earned a spot in my all-time favorite list. Highly recommended” – Steve Chapman (at Amazon)

5/5 STARS: “Wow what a story!!

“I downloaded this book on my PC kindle for free and read the whole thing in one sitting! I could not walk away! I don’t usually even read this type of book (horror/sci-fi) but I have to tell you that these two writers are amazing! I immediately purchased the 2-6 episodes and cannot wait until January 2012 for the next Episode to come out! This story is well written not only with the characters but the plot. It keeps you thinking and guessing on where this is going next! What a ride this has been! Come on next issue/episode 🙂 Oh and now, I am looking at everything else that these two have written…I think I just found my two most favorite authors! Yes its that good!”- Seraphimrose (Amazon)

5/5 STARS: Wow! Way TOO addicting!

“I watched an interview with the author and decided to check out Yesterday’s Gone as it sounded good. I splurged on the whole season up front as, being an author myself, I wanted to see how they had done this serialized fiction layout. Boy, am I glad I did, because I flew through Episode 1 to 3 in one day! Sean and David are excellent writers! The story is tight, action packed, and fast paced. I am officially addicted and a BIG fan! Keep up the great work guys.” – Matt Ballard (Amazon)

5/5 STARS: A wonderful discovery

“Came across this book via an interview with one of the authors and was intrigued by the episodic format. I was pleasantly surprised, even shocked, at how professional and high caliber the writing is. A fantastic story that really cannot be put down until you reach the end.

Great job by both authors, and a very high recommendation to anyone looking for a great quality work.

If you took Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’, the television show ‘Lost’, and the movie ‘Die Hard’ and mixed them all together, this book would be the result.

Looking forward to season two.” – CJ Richards (Amazon)

5/5 STARS: Yesterday’s Gone: The Tetris of Serialized Fiction

“Yesterday’s Gone is perfect for today’s attention-deficit but entertainment demanding reader. At first, I didn’t think I would like the serialized format, so I bought the whole kit and kaboodle. As the adventure unrolled on my Kindle, I actually felt as if I were watching a well-scripted television drama. It was clear that Sean Platt and David Wright intended to remain true to the types of shows they love to watch. Indeed, my own reading style fit this format. I read a chapter or two at a time, always eager to get to the next piece of this fascinating puzzle.

And what a puzzle! Yesterday’s Gone starts with a weird apocalyptic event, seemingly disparate characters and some disturbing signs that all was not right with the world. But there’s no rushing the Apocalypse: the book treated me to a voyeuristic journey into unbridled lawlessness, both mundane and outrageous. Looting, house-breaking, car-stealing, plundering and pillaging. And that’s just the first Episode.

The collaborative skill of the authors – part of the mystique of this series – is presented seamlessly. Yesterday’s Gone reads like the work of a single, gifted weaver. The cliff-hangers all snap into place at just the right moments. Perfect for taking a reluctant break.

I can’t wait for season two…” – Ms. Dynam0 (Amazon)

5/5 STARS: Full of suspense!!

“Sean Platt and David Wright hit the nail on the head with this one. They leave you breathless for more in the wake of their cliffhanger endings. With their sharp and witty writing style, the reader feels as though they are reading an actual TV series, as opposed to long, dull prose.

Of all the grand characters, Luca Harding was, by far, my favorite character. Followed by the murderer Boricio Wolfe. I have never LIKED a murderer before! It was amazing how they shifted their style so effortlessly to suit the language of each character in the series, from the innocent to the evil. Reading this has taught me WORLDS about good writing. I highly recommend it to all! Can’t wait for Season Two!!” – Tania Dakka (Amazon)

5/5 STARS: I’m Reading This One Again!!!

“Let me start by saying I don’t usually like post-apocalyptic thrillers. At all. But I love serialized TV, and when a friend of mine told me that this book was more like watching cool TV than anything they’d read, I wanted to give it a chance. She shared the pilot she bought with me, and I loved it. I bought the full book later that night.

I’m so, so glad I started reading this. Yesterday’s Gone is the first post-apocalyptic book I’ve ever enjoyed. It’s probably because the character work is so great, but I think I also love it because it’s a true mystery. All the endings left me wondering what would happen next and there’s a moment toward the end of the final book (episode six) that actually made me cry.

I can’t wait to see what happens in January with the next book, but in the meantime I think I’ll read this one again.” – Stacy1976 (Amazon)

5/5 STARS: Will Jan 2012 hurry up and get here!

“In the authors’ own words, “ARRRRGGGGG!!!” I justing finished reading all 6 episodes of Season 1. Now I have to wait until Jan 2012 for the next episode! Not fair!! Sean Platt and David W. Wright, you are torturing me!

Keep up the great work. :)” – Kristie Leigh Maguire – romance author


5/5 STARS:  I’m definitely Hooked on this series!

“Like many others I was introduced to this series when Amazon offered the first book free. I remember reading it in one sitting and was instantly hooked. A few days later I picked up the whole season and began to read it. Obviously reading book one already I skipped to the second. Book 2 explains and unfolds the world even more and I started figuring out the characters personalitys more. I promptly went into book 3 before retiring for the evening. The next morining I started on book 4 and I feel this one is personally the least entertaining for me. The story moves along at a fine pace and you learn more but for some reason it just couldnt hold my attention like the others. Book 5 returned to being edge of your seat exciting and I was already plotting which characters I’d be sad to see go.

Oddly one of the villains of the book made this list but he brings such a great twisted persona to the books I cant help but enjoy his character. By book 6 I found myself getting annoyed that nothing about what had happened was being revealed. Then of course I had to quell my annoyance because you Do in fact find out several things (which I wont spoil for you)that certainly have me second guessing what I thought was going on. Overall by the end I was screaming at the book for entertaining me and not giving me a conclusion I craved but then again if it did give a proper conclusion we wouldnt have a season 2 and I think Id rather have that then a satisfying this is whats going on ending. I highly suggest buying the full season and giving this author a try. You won’t be disappointed. ” – Kristin (Amazon)